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Life is a journey
Er.Alok Kumar
Life is a journey and to define a destination for life is as much a sacrilege as throwing it away.
This thought dawned suddenly to me before dawn in the darkest hour both literally and symbolically.
I was so adamantly focused on finding purpose or showing purpose does not exist in life ,
that I forgot that journey is even more important.
Problem with making destination more important than journey is that you end up enjoying it less
and you get too stuck on the fixed path that you do not dare to go
on those not trod path through woods or beautiful cart track in the valley .
Haven't you ever felt when journey is wonderful , destinations do not matter.

When one really starts enjoying the fact of being alive ,no purpose no goal is needed to justify life's existence.
And one finds that justifying one's existence with all sort of purpose seem so meaningless and trite.

I still need to shed a lot of things to truly enjoy this journey.
The feeling of obligation,the feeling of justification,the feeling of competition are all hindrance.
To truly exalt life we should not have to be obliged,to justify, to compete .
They should occur without us even noticing it .
The fact that we think about it means we are putting ourselves at strain.

When you start feeling that life is great to you and
you should do something to help someone
who is not having a great life.
It is not really that you are not honoring life but insulting it as you think some life is not compared to you
and you want to feel great about your life by showing other's life is lowly.
If one could reach a stage where one would help someone without feeling about it then we salute life.

There is so much to learn about life that I do not even know now.

Here are the few lines from song which was playing when I wrote this thing from Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic

About Er. Alok Kumar

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Er.Alok Kumar joins the Ramgovind Institute of Technology, Koderma , Jharkhand - ८२५४०९ as a Sr। Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering in April' 07 ( 16th ).
He graduated from the Islamiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore in 1997 where he was selected as one of the Top Ten Young Technocrat of Bangalore, India by the Shaktishali Foundation. Er. Alok Kumar has earlier worked as a Lecturer for I.I.E. - Patna, B.I.A. - Patna, S.A.M.T. - Patna in Bihar. Born in 1973 into an Intellectual family, Alok studied in schools in Varansi and Gaya; and completed his engineering with first class from I.I.T. Bangalore.His interests in backpacking , biking , reading , private Investigation and philosophy are key writing inspirations.
He can be reached at eralokkumar@sify.com

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